After she was acquitted by the High Court on the murder of her fiancée Pitseng Vilakati, Rudd has been without proper shelter as her family rejected her upon release.
Not only is she homeless but has been attacked by the strange illness which causes her feet and hands to swell.
There are also blisters with some of her toes starting to turn green. She appealed for help to help fight the rare illness that threatens her life.
Rudd came to the country’s only hope for help, the Swazi Observer, to seek its miracle power. She could hardly walk as she said her feet were hurting and she was on her way to the hospital. This newspaper facilitated her transportation to hospital.
Relating what led to her homeless status, she said after she was released she stayed with a certain family at Hhelehhele situated outside Manzini.
She had not stayed there for long when ‘strange’ cars started visiting their neighbours who are allegedly related to the late Vilakati.
Rudd said the home owner feared for her safety and the correctional services was alerted about the development and she was advised to report to the police. Rudd said she was so desperate that she slept at the police station running away from what she termed as people who did not want to accept that she had been acquitted.
“My mother’s family does not want anything to do with me and my mother is listening to them as they are the ones who pay rent and buy her food so I do not want to ruin things for her, “she said.
For the past week she had been sleeping on the verandah of a certain woman she did not identify after leaving the police station. She said she could not stay at the police station forever as she did not want to live like a hobo.
She said when she left jail; she wanted to start a new page in her life as she was born again and had been rehabilitated.
Rudd said she only had one t-shirt and a pair of jeans that she has been wearing ever since she was released because she did not have money for clothes or food.

She needs a job to take ARVs

THULI Rudd said she did not want to live on handouts but wanted to get a job so she could support herself and children.
She said after she was accused of murder most of the friends she had turned against her and it got worse after she was born again.
After being born again while in prison she changed and pronounced lesbianism as demonic and said they should change.
Rudd said the people who wanted to help her set conditions that did not go down well with her.
“As much as I want help, I do not want to compromise my principles because most of the people that want to help desire to do it on their own terms and conditions which I do not subscribe to,” she said without revealing them.
She said she needed a job and was not picky as she needed something to keep her going. Before her arrest she was employed as a counsellor by the RFM hospital in the ART department.
She said she never received any letter or notice of employment termination but they just stopped her salary.
“I need a job so I can be able to take care of myself because right now, I do not have even a place to sleep or to buy food yet I am on ARVs,” she said.
She said she had not seen her children in a long time and wanted the job so she could do something for them. Rudd said people on the streets continued to harass and call her names.
She said she believed it was time people accepted that she was acquitted and it was not for them to judge.
“I just wish people could stop being judgmental as the court acquitted me. I’ll be forever grateful to judge Stanley Maphalala and my lawyers for believing in my innocence,” she said.
She said she welcomed any form of help.

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