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MP Sotsha bashes gays, lesbians

OUTSPOKEN Nkwene Member of Parliament Aaron Sotsha Dladla has suggested that parliament must enact a new law banning gays and lesbians in the kingdom. 
He said if there was unbecoming trend in any society, lawmakers should deal with it by enacting legislation to curb it. 
Dladla was responding to reports that some Swazis had attended the recent Gay Pride Festival in South Africa, wondering what kind of Swazis were those.
MP Dladla said at the moment gays and lesbians were not embraced in the country but a new law should be put in place to deal with ‘this mushrooming anti-social’ behaviour by some members of the local populace.
“We must first pass a law that will ban this practice before it takes root. Anyone found breaking that law should be dealt with severely,” he opined.
The MP said he was making these views as a Christian and with the firm belief that Swaziland was a Christian country.
“As a Christian this is against biblical teachings and wrong. the Holy Book says in the last days many unbecoming things will happen, so perhaps it is why we are having people promoting same sex relationships in other parts of the world, but we should not join them though,” he said.
The member of parliament observed that the institution of marriage was about dignity and it involved a man and a woman.
“In a natural and biblical set-up, marriage is about a woman and a man coming together in order to produce children, so how can you father children with another man if you are also a man? This is just a malady of some sort and we must  sanctify the institution of marriage if we are to fill the earth as the Holy book says,” said the legislator.
Dladla said he was struggling to understand the conduct of the gays and lesbians.  He calls upon them to give him and the whole nation the advantages of being a lesbian or gay.
“If some Swazis want to embrace such practices, they must come out clear on this issue, we have a wonderful society in Swaziland. in what way will the lesbians and gays add value in the lives of our people who are mostly Christian?
If they can give me answers on that, maybe I can understand what they are all about,” he said.

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