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I cried for Limkokwing - Minister

Minister of  Education and Training Wilson Ntshangase yesterday reminded Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) students of the great opportunity they have by revealing that he literally cried during a cabinet meeting for the establishment of the university.
Speaking at the launch of a book by the founder of the university, Dr Tansri Limkokwing, Ntshangase said he fought hard for the university to be set up in the country, and therefore was pained to see how students were taking the opportunity it provided them for granted.
The Prime Minister, Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, wiped the minister’s tears and told him that cabinet would help him realise the dream that he had.
“I cried, literally, because I was fighting, fighting, fighting and working hard for the university to be established in the country. On that day, the prime minister said to me, “Ntshangase, don’t cry, we are going to help you,’  he told the invited guests, among which were students of the university.
The students have hogged the headlines for protest actions and vandalising of property, with the latest incident being the petrol-bombing of the campus manager’s office last week.
The minister yesterday said he was flabbergasted, not just by the constant toyi-toyi at the campus, but by the manner in which the  students had behaved. He said this was bad and sinister and needed to be dealt with.
Ntshangase reminded the students that as they were present at the launch of a book by the founder of the university, he hoped that they understood that they could never write a book if they were not educated.
“Your parents have sent you here to learn, and this fooling around must come to an end. Otherwise we will take drastic steps,” he warned.
“Stop it!” he cautioned the students, to loud round of screams and applause.
He said the students’ behaviour was tarnishing the image of a great institution for which all Swazis should be proud.
Speaking at the same event, Senator Thuli Msane, who is the honorary member of the university, applauded LUCT for changing the mindset of the people. She extended her heartfelt appreciation to His Majesty the King for being innovative and visionary by going all around the world looking for such opportunities for his people.
About the launch, she said it was a campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of people in Swaziland to realise that it was time to change ourselves today in order to better our future.

Limkokwing’s book launch a success

Minister Wilson Ntshangase has hailed Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s founder and president, Dr Tan Sri Limkokwing for his book titled ‘The Future is Coming’, which was launched yesterday at the university.
The launch was attended by guests of the university, including officials from the ministry; inspector of tertiary education; the Director of Communications Martin Dlamini, the Mayor of Mbabane Zephaniah Nkambule, the Principal Secretaries at the ministry of  labour and public service, and the Macmillan Managing Director Busi Simelane, among its dignitaries.
Limkokwing Vice President Corporate and Industry Relations, Regional Associate Director Mercy Rebaone Thebe and Cipack Maphosa who come from Botswana, were also part of the occasion.
The minister said he found the book to be about the true meaning of creative education and development.
He said he found the book to have everything to do with creativity and a strong sense of innovation not being allowed to stop.
“I have also realised that Tan Sri’s books, like for example, ‘The Man who designed the future and Portrait of an Icon’, have some similarities in them, and that unlike many books these give an opportunity to grow one’s mind capability.
“Tan Sri’s Dr Limkokwing writes with the belief that anyone can accomplish anything, and to use your mind power, and know exactly what it is you want to do.
“To focus on mind power on a goal, it helps you build a clear and well defined goal and how you can go about it,” he said.

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