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MP insists on gay bashing

Sotja Dladla, the legislator from Nkwene Inkhundla, has maintained his stance over the banning of gays and lesbians in the country.
And residents under the Inkhundla also support their MP and have encouraged him to move a motion in parliament calling for the banning of homosexual tendencies. Dladla is a decorated member of the Jericho red gowns church.
“Such ungodly acts should not be tolerated. I don’t care who says what, we are fully behind our MP. Even animals do not do this,” said the constituency’s Indvuna Yenkhundla, Mshumayeli Nkambule.
MP Dladla hogged the headlines recently when he took a swipe at homosexuals and was reported to have called upon MPs to come up with a legislation banning homosexuality.
Dladla was responding to reports that some Swazis had attended the recent Gay Pride Festival in neighbouring South Africa and wondered what kind of Swazi’s were those.
“We must first pass a law that will ban this practice before it takes root. Anyone found breaking that law should be dealt with severely,” he is reported to have said.
These statements seem to have stirred up controversy as the gay and lesbian community came down hard on Dladla on facebook and other social networks, telling him to shut up.
In an interview with the Weekend Observer this week he said: “This was my personal opinion and no one can force me to change it. The matter was raised also recently in South Africa during the Pan African Parliament and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.”
Indvuna Nkambule posited that: “God is against this behaviour and we are a Christian country in spite of the constitutional provisions on human rights and freedom of religion.
This is wrong and we cannot pretend as if everything is okay. We chose the bible (samukela umculu) hence we must all accept this fact.”
On a parallel note, Malawi suspended its anti-gay laws Monday ahead of a parliamentary decision on whether to repeal them altogether.
The suspension means police will no longer be allowed to arrest gays and lesbians. Homosexuality is banned in Malawi, as it is in most African countries, and carries a maximum sentence of 14 years.
In a sudden turn of events Malawi back-tracked on its decision to suspend arrests of gays, after churches in the strongly Christian country fiercely criticised the move.
Justice minister Ralph Kasambara was widely quoted in media this week as saying the government would suspend arrests pending a decision on whether to repeal laws banning homosexuality.
However, on Thursday he said he had never made such statements and that laws carrying up to 14 years in prison for committing homosexual acts were still being enforced.
"There was no such announcement and there was no discussion on same-sex marriage," he told the Daily Times of that country.

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