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Our MPs redeeming vice
MPs on Tuesday stood up to the prime minister demanding an apology from him after he referred to their moving of a vote of no confidence on cabinet as Kunhlanhlatseka. That they never got one is immaterial, what is important is that they did. The masses out there were wondering how the MPs would respond to such, and even though it took quite some time, it was honourable of them to demand the apology from the premier. Maybe, it was the confusion that reigned after some MPs moved against the vote, but their demand on Monday probably soothed their dented egos. In any way the prime minister’s response was to be expected, and the demans  has been their biggest redeeming vice. It is notable also, that it was a woman who moved the motion. Interestingly, the PM always squirms out of any controversy without blemish. In fact, he comes out tops, leaving all those he breaches intentionally or unintentionally, bemused, which then makes us conclude that a people like children, may begin by loving their politicians; after some time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive themselves for voting for them.
But then again, the MPs have learnt the hard way on how to handle the premier. In a sense they have confirmed the adage that goes: ‘experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.’ Indeed some people cause happiness wherever they go, while others whenever they go and the prime minister, like a true friend, stabs you in the front.
To all our honourables, we can only remind them that we are in this gutter together, but nevertheless, some of us are still looking at the stars.
PM spot on about separation of powers
The premier, despite touching a raw nerve, hit the nail on the head by noting that the honourables had to be further work-shopped on the separation of powers issue.
We don’t care about the national radio ban he effected on them, but we really are interested in his opinion that they seem to be engrossed in matters far off their scope. They can be on air all they want in the Tasephalamende programme where and rightly so, they deliberate on matters of the house. Their constant cap-on-hand requests for donations for impoverished members of their electorate just did not add value. We cannot have them competing with NGOs and volunteer organisations, as they will have the edge due to their honourable status.  Journalists from the print media had a difficult time reaching some of these MPs, but every morning they would be speaking in that morning show, telling the nation about Mshamndane and elderly grants payment dates. We are almost tempted to agree that they had made the radio their campaigning tool due to its mass appeal. MPs are in Parliament to make laws and not to play small time development officers.
That should be left to junior structures in their respective Tinkhundlas.
They should be leaving those powers for the indvuna, bucopho and bagcugcuteli, while dealing with sterner stuff like kunhlanhlatseka and many other such like.
That they sometimes use their money to cater for eventualities like burials and school fees in their communities is part of their territory, and nothing to hog the airwaves over.

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