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The philosophy of His Majesty King Mswati III

Ingwenyama believes that peace is the “All And Be All’’ without which, all the development efforts of the country would add up to nothing.  
In common purpose with his peers, Ingwenyama emphasises the need to raise Africa’s profile in International institutions and agencies as well as to play a more significant role in the world stage. His majesty put Swaziland’s full weight behind the Global dialogue to ensure that the world is rescued from Global warming and other damages to the environment and wishes all countries of the world to meet their obligations as set out in the Kyoto protocol.
His Majesty insists that economic integration is important towards improving the economies of the countries of the region and welfare of all.
His Majesty sees regional economic integration as a major step to facilitate seamless trade amongst all the people of the region and opening of linkages with the rest of the world.
 The ultimate goal is to reduce the dependency syndrome, fight poverty, improve infrastructure and ensure that the living standards of all the people are improved and sustained. His Majesty also believes  the road to national prosperity is in the country’s commitment to nurture and develop the talent of each individual for the benefit of all. His Majesty wants Swaziland to be a First World country and start thinking of effective and realistic ways to tap the country’s abundant resources to improve the welfare of all the people.
He also wants the Government, private sector, small and medium enterprises, civic society and the public sector to take a hands-on approach to investing vigorously in human capital and laying out the infrastructure to enable people to be the best they can be. Finally, Ingwenyama yemaswati believes in the importance of our indigenous governance tool – Sibaya, where he meets all the adults of the nation – also known as the Swazi National council – to discuss pertinent issues regarding the political and socio-economic direction the country is to take.  Here, at Sibaya, Ingwenyama is able to elaborate on the direction the Swazi nation is to take.
His Majesty continues to commit himself to the virtues and principles of peace, security as well as stability that benefit the greatest cause of our nation and human kind. His vision of first world status is testimony of his bold desire for a well developed and beautiful Swaziland that must take its appropriate place and status among the developed nations of the world. His majesty upholds all the great hopes of the kingdom of eswatini including the fact that: Swaziland is Africa’s new promise. Indeed, the philosophy of His Majesty the King inspires us as a united nation to realise that our real success is measured by how we touch and enrich people’s lives – the difference we can make to those who would least expect it, to those the world looks over.

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