Pastor Sihlongonyane had been preaching at Free Evangelical Assemblies since 2003 before he recently moved to establish a new church.
His aggrieved wife, Nombuyiselo Sihlongonyane, a teacher in one of the schools in Manzini, has filed an application at the High Court for an order bringing her husband to order.
In her founding affidavit, she alleges that prior to their relocation to the new church, her husband had been involved with a string of women inside and outside of the church, whom he always denied any intimacy with when she confronted him.
Sihlongonyane (wife) claims that during these trying times, she discovered that her husband was spending money on these women without her consent. She says these relationships and his spendthrift habit had caused a lot of tension between them.
“He is consistently spending the funds of the joint estate on projects which are neither known to me nor benefit the joint estate,” she states.
“At some point in time I discovered that he had transferred an amount of E8 000 and E9 000 respectively to one Gugu Faith Gwebu. 
On March 3, 2013 after a family meeting, the respondent (husband) relocated to live with one of the women involved with and I strongly believe it is the same Gugu Faith Gwebu and they stay at Ngwane Park in Manzini,” she alleges in her court papers. She alleges that the pastor was now wearing a new wedding band, which had a matching wrist watch.
“The respondent is dissipating and diminishing the assets of the joint estate as he comes in my absence and takes some items from the house to the detriment of the estate, and he gives the family vehicle to strangers to abuse it and deny me the right use it,” she explains.
“The respondent, by virtue of our marriage in community of property, is the administrator of the joint estate and is expected to make decisions which are in the best interest of our communal assets and I, as a woman married in community of property, my decision making capacity in the home is limited.” 
Sihlongonyane is being represented by Lindiwe Simelane, of Khumalo Ngcamphalala Attorneys, while lawyer Simanga Mamba is appearing for the pastor.
Principal Judge Stanley Maphalala is expected to hand down judgment on this matter.
It is worth mentioning that Minister Dlamini herself is a confessed husband snatcher. 
She dropped the bombshell last year but was quick to clarify that this happened before she accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour.
...Church members wanted 
out of matrimonial house
NOMBUYISELO Sihlongonyane wants the church members, including a soldier, kicked out of their matrimonial home with immediate effect because they were physically and emotionally abusing her and her two children.
She says on her husband’s relocation to live with Gugu Faith Gwebu, he left some of his relatives and members of the church at the matrimonial house.
Sihlongonyane alleges that they were abusing her on his instruction.
“They hail insults at me and my children and the respondent (husband) condones their actions,” she states.
“It is my statement that this is not an environment in which I, as a God-fearing woman wishes to raise my children, nor is it the environment and moral standards that I and the respondent agreed on when we solemnised our marriage contract. It is my statement further that the living environment in the house has become so untenable to such an extent that it is no longer safe and healthy to live in my own house with my children in the presence of the respondent’s agents whom he has planted solely for torturing me and my children.
“It is my submission further that the respondent’s decision to have members of the extended family and church members in the house to abuse me and my children is also not in the best interest of the family, and clearly displays and proves his inability to make proper and sound decisions regarding the administration of the joint estate.”
She says the matter was urgent by virtue of the fact that her husband’s agents were getting more aggressive towards her and her children.
“I am afraid a lot of physical and emotional damage which might not be rectifiable in the future is being inflicted on my children and myself,” she states.
The church members in question are Thokozane Gamedze (soldier), Thembinkosi Ntjwebe Dube, King Siphelele Mkhonta, Nhlakanipho Maziya and Noncedo Maziya.
Pastor Mholi defends ‘abusive’ church members
PASTOR Mholi Joseph Sihlonganyane denies allegations that his church members were abusing his wife together with the children.
He says it was surprising as to how a primary school child would physically abuse his wife.
Pastor Mholi argues that it was not clear who among the relatives was abusive.
“The contents are vague for lack of particularity and clarity,” he contends.
“The members of the congregation have been staying with us since 2003. 
“It is surprising that all of a sudden they would get physical on her. Further, they are men of God and the allegations of insults are denied.”
He says the conduct and attitude of his wife did not depict that of a God-fearing woman.
“She has the guts to chase young innocent orphaned children who are attending school,” he states.
“Surely, this is not a teaching of Christ. They have been staying with me and are of great assistance in the church and the ministry, which I serve. 
“As a pastor, I have a duty to assist the destitute and of course she is aware of my life. This has been the case. We have been staying with them for years.” 
Aggrieved wife still loves pastor
NOMBUYISELO says she is not prepared to divorce her husband despite his involvement in an adulterous relationship with Gugu Faith Gwebu.
She claims the church members had been specifically instructed by her husband to conduct themselves violently towards her on his relocation to live with Gwebu with the sole purpose that she would file for divorce.
“I’m not prepared to file for divorce, at least for now,” she states.
“My husband is trying to draw sympathy of the court by saying that I am chasing away innocent orphaned children which is not necessary and irrelevant here. He must stop seeking the court’s sympathy by stigmatising the children through his sorrowful references to them.”
Pastor Mholi Sihlongonyane‘s sins as alleged in court papers;
a) He is making money transfers to his mistresses, which is the joint property of the estate.
b) He has given his congregants the family vehicle to use without her wife’s consent, yet she can also drive.
c) He is failing to control the people in the house, who hail all sorts of insults and abuse the children.
d) He is never at home with his family, but now spends all his time with his mistress.
e) He no longer wears his wife’s wedding ring.
f) He is removing clothing and other personal items from the house.


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