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Chief Gija finally swallows his words
Earlier, when Chief Gija, the EBC chairperson, was asked about the sudden proliferation of Good Samaritans countrywide as the elections beckon, he jocular answered that it was a boon for the poorest of the poor, who would be getting free meals and comfy blankets.
He even anticipated the sudden development of bogogo into well nourished citizens, which would afford the senior citizens an opportunity to enjoy their last days on this earth.
When another ex- MP presented his chief with a ‘brand new second hand vehicle,’ Chief Gija also observed that this was a good deed indeed, as that subject had realised that the father figure in the community was struggling to get from point A to B to deal with matters only he could, and such a gesture was a genuine display of the reverence that particular subject held for his leader.
He could not come out clear on the question of the timing of such generosity, in light of the upcoming polls.
It would seem the floodgates of blatant electioneering cloaked in a veil of newly discovered generosity had been swung wide open. Soon, the country was awash with Mother Theresas who were splashing money to vulnerable citizens and doling out cheap quality blankets. 
Others slaughter chickens, pigs, goats and even hard to come by cattle, in a bid to outdo Jesus Christ as they re-enact a poor imitation of the feeding of the multitudes, all for a slice of the honourable status cake.
As the madness continues, the world looks on, as the rush for obvious votes stolen off gullible voters continues, and say; ‘what a farce!’
But at least the EBC has finally woken up to smell the coffee. In an interview with the local radio on Tuesday evening, the chief warned all such people who have since morphed into the Social Welfare Department, the World Food Programme and the poverty alleviation NGOs, all rolled into one - that they were treading on dangerous turf. 
He made it clear that such shenanigans exposed the whole poll into ridicule from the whole world, which will be surprised that Swazis were so famished that they would sell their precious votes, not even for a few shekels of silver but for a piece meal that will not even last a week in their systems.
He further stated that this was criminal and such people may be banned from taking part in the elections process, which in anyway, would be the best way to purge the political hyenas from august house.
But it would seem the damage has been done already. Some have scored their electoral points while others will simply continue with such shenanigans underground.
In fact, such a trend has been the norm in the country and many erstwhile honourables found their way into Parliament via this same ticket. The fact that there was now a legislation outlawing such is neither here nor there.
But most importantly, as some rural folk said recently, as long as the rampant poverty continues unabated in many parts of the country, such a trend will never stop. People will simply think; ‘What am I to refuse what the gods are giving,’ and continue accepting such cheap bribes in exchange of their precious votes.
The solution lies in empowering the people so they can make intelligent choices. One cannot vote on an empty stomach, hence the hyenas will continue taking advantage of the people’s poverty, always. 

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