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It’s official; Jeremiah dumps wife, church

Yesterday, the controversial apostle revealed that his marriage to his first wife, Sibongile was over. 
He did not end there, Dlamini further told all who cared to listen, at his church in Ngwane Park, that he was officially leaving the church and would be establishing a new one in Mbabane.
It appears this was the big surprise he claimed he had for his church.
However, to his dismay, only a handful of church members were present, as he went to town lambasting all those who spoke ill about his love life.
There had always been questions on the status of Dlamini’s first marriage to Sibongile after he courted Nolwazi Kunene, herself a divorcee.
Explaining details of the last days of his collapsed marriage, Dlamini said the matter was long addressed by the relevant structures, thus it was safe for him to say “It’s over with my first wife”.
Dlamini said there would never be a reconciliation with his first wife but admitted that in Swazi custom, there was nothing like a divorce. He said he left everything they had with his wife. “As I understand it, the families concerned met and widely discussed the issue of my first wife. 
In SiSwati, there is no divorce but I believe we talked of separation. We even went to the  extent of taking her (Sibongile) back to her home, but I was advised otherwise. So, I left home and everything, to her,” he said. 
The issue of the man of God having two wives was widely covered by both the local and international media since it emerged, and it split his church two years ago. 
Back then, the apostle even resigned from his church. He left it in the care of his first wife. 
Dlamini publicly proclaimed his undying love for another woman believed to have been married at the time.   
The apostle did not state the reason for ditching his wife apart from saying the marriage failed for numerous reasons.
The apostle stunned many believers then for his ‘adulterous’ moves by leaving five children and their mother behind. Yet again, he revived his stance in front of his church members yesterday, that he would not be reconciling with her.
If you love me, 
follow me - Jeremiah 
APOSTLE Jeremiah Dlamini showed his ‘devilish’ side yesterday when he implored members at the Faith Christian Fellowship church which he resigned from, to follow him as he opens a new church in Mbabane.
The apostle said he had formed a new fellowship where his wife Nolwazi, will be mam’khokheli. 
 He said among other reasons, he opened the new church because of the rebuke and scorn he received from church members who did not want his new wife, Nolwazi.   
“I have opened my own church in Mbabane. Those who say they support the apostle are welcome to follow me; those who say they have problems with me, no problem, they can remain behind,” he said.
Appearing emotional, he said it belittled him that he would have to justify himself over making his own choice of whom he should or should not be married to.  
He said this never brought him peace at his old church, where some members attacked him for choosing Nolwazi over his first wife.
One of the pastors, Muzi Myeni said it was not true that they had a problem with Nolwazi. He said it was not clear whether the pastor had two wives or divorced. 
The apostle wanted to deliver a big “surprise” announcement. In an interview with our sister publication, the Weekend Observer, the apostle promised to deliver a bombshell on many issues that he felt were left hanging issue.
However, he was met with a church with many empty chairs yesterday.
 Pastor Myeni noted that the church was divided.  
“As you see, there are many chairs in this church; they used to be occupied. Now we do not understand what is happening. Apostle you belong here and we respect you as our father,” he said.   
Many listened attentively. 
The apostle went to town lambasting people he claimed despised him for taking Nolwazi as his wife. 

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