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Crazy Pastor makes members to eat grass

A South African church has taken religion to another shocking level.
Congregants at Rabboni Centre Ministries are made to perform numerous abusive, inhumane and downright degrading acts in the name of religion by their pastor. 
They eat grass, get trampled on by the pastor, encouraged to fast and banned from eating certain meals.
The Rabboni Centre Ministries was founded by Lesego Daniel in 2002. It has since shocked many with one of its many acts of faith advocated by the spiritual leader. 
According to an article released by Information Naija, the pastor also steps on his church members. Justification allegedly given by the pastor was to prove that God could sustain his children no matter what they ingest. 
The acts which reportedly occurred while the pastor was baptising them were not the first to occur. 
“This is not the first time it is happening in the church, it is kinda a regular occurrence…..” wrote the pastor on his Facebook page.  The church situated in Pretoria has since attracted hundreds of people. The pastor added that fasting was an exciting moment and the Kingdom of God was not a matter of eating and drinking. 
“When you break, only eat a fist size meal so you can make it through the next day. Some of you can break with veggies but not starch, go for something light like cabbage, carrots or even grass,” he said. 
However the acts of the church have also attracted a number of comments from social media networks, some sternly criticising the pastor for manipulating the congregants’ minds. 
Divine Healing Ministries’ Nash Shongwe has advised the local church to stick to the Bible after he heard about the South African church where congregants were made to eat grass by the pastor. 
 Shongwe expressed his opposition of the act during and mentioned that the people could only live by adhering to the holy book. Shongwe said it was for this reason that they preached and further taught people to abide by the scripture, which he doubted ever touched on eating grass. 
There were others who congratulated the pastor on being the best motivational leader. 
Information sourced from his web page reveals that the pastor at some point went under serious criticism where pastors conspired against an event he planned. The event was eventually cancelled. 
Dibane Ntombifuthi - My sheep will hear me by my voice, Jesus let your name be glorified.

Bernard Milton Mtasah - There is power in the blood of Jesus the anointing is presence!!!!! Zimbabwe says yes!!!

Refilwe Maimane - Is this really what Jesus would do? people come on really, Jesus walked on water and not on people.

Kefiloe Kokina Mokone - His sheep will hear him by his voice 

Siyanda Peterson - Lay hands on the sick, not trample on them.

Goitsemang Ntlhe - Nomfudo, I was there. I also ate grass but the God I serve, the God who saved me from sin, told me to leave that Church. I remember the day I went as a sheep, a whole lot of people fell on me, my leg was so bruised it was purple. 

Dominick Phokgedi Mathabatha - First understand the word before you understand the picture. if God can use anything and the generation to come can do even greater things,  God performing miracles, nothing else, if you think otherwise, then ask a revelation from above, glory be to God.

Markson Maredza - Is this not a bit extreme? Pardon my lack of this type of revelation-
I am not judging but eish- Probably a scriptural explanation would really help. Will be glad to hear from those with information and experience enough. 

Markson Maredza - Were these people hungry? Maybe they needed it for food.  

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