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Akutsi dvu kaLuhleko, Ingwenyama orders

HIS Majesty King Mswati III has ordered complete silence on the dispute that has been ongoing at kaLuhleko chiefdom.

It is alleged that Bhekwako Dlamini of kaLuhleko has been mobilising the people to snub meetings called by the newly appointed Chief Zulwelihle Maseko, who was blessed by Their Majesties last June. 

On Monday, a delegation from Ludzidzini Royal Residence arrived at the chiefdom sitting on the outskirts of Bhunya to deliver the message from Ingwenyama.

His Majesty roared through Ludzidzini Governor Timothy Velabo Mtetwa commonly known as TV.

“It has gotten to the attention of His Majesty the King and the Queen Mother that there is something irregular happening here and that is why we are here today,” he said to deafening silence.

“There is a bad habit that has come to the attention of the authorities that there are some people who still choose to defy the chief and do not recognise a man who has been appointed by the King. Where have you ever heard of that? This is the person who has been chosen to take over from Mfanwenkhosi Maseko and I have been sent by His Majesty to order that there be complete silence in this place,” said the tough talking Mtetwa.


Mtetwa said it was everyone’s responsibility to get the message through to other people who might have not attended the Monday meeting for whatever reason. He said he was expecting that the word would get to everyone’s ears and they would no longer hear of disputes within the chiefdom.

Information gathered by this publication is that Dlamini had been pushing for the appointment of Thami Maseko as chief, but he later passed away before anyone was appointed chief. 

Then, it was proposed that his son takes over. However, Chief Zulwelihle Maseko was the one who was eventually given Their Majesties’ blessings as chief after undergoing a vigorous screening process and was ultimately declared the rightful person for the chieftaincy position, according to Mtetwa.

It was reported that last year when the chief was introduced by Zondwako Chief Velamuva Maseko to His Majesty, grumbling was heard from a group of people. Also, a few days after Her Majesty the Indlovukazi had expressed how she was hoping there would be no arising disputes as rightful chiefs were now given blessings, Maseko was disowned by the people of the area.

However, Mtetwa sternly warned the people to acknowledge that His Majesty had roared and Zelwelihle was the rightful chief of the area. The chief’s spokesperson Musa Zwane said they were expecting things to change now that the directive had come from higher authorities.

TV warns people will ‘burn’ if…

LUDZIDZINI Royal Residence Governor Timothy Velabo Mthethwa has warned that people of kaLuhleko who will not adhere to the directive issued by His Majesty ‘will burn’.
 “Kulabo labete tindlebe tekuva, nalo lukhwekhwe kubo. Asinolichaza kepha nango umlilo kuwe. Lukhwekhwe utatenwaya! Nangabe kuyakuhisha lelesikushoko mita,” he said. 
Mthethwa was referring to people who would continue conspiring against Chief Zulwelihle Maseko who was given blessings by Their Majesties. 
Prince Masitsela also warned the people that after His Majesty had roared, no one had the right to question his directive. 
He said his word was final and one who continued to defy that was disobeying the King directly.
Ring-leader Bhekokwakho snubs meeting

BHEKWAKO Dlamini, the man alleged to be behind the dispute against kaLuhleko Chief Zulwelihle Maseko, snubbed the meeting that was called at the chiefdom by a delegation sent by His Majesty King Mswati III.
The announcement of the meeting ran on radio for over two days and sources close to the matter revealed that he had been going around in the morning of the meeting saying he would not be attending it as it was called by the chief because as far as he was concerned there was no chief.
Chief Maseko’s spokesperson also revealed that Dlamini had been going around the community telling them why he would not be attending the meeting  and that he would not stop holding his own meetings. 
“He said he would not stop with his meetings and conspiracies. he has been telling everyone who cared to listen,” he said. 
Efforts to get a comment from Dlamini proved futile as he was not found at his homestead and his phone rang unanswered. 
Ntuthuko Dlamini, the man of many talents

FORMER Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuthuko Dlamini proved to be a man of many talents as he efficiently ran helter-skelter operating the public address system (PA).
The people of the kaLuhleko chiefdom spoke in hushed tones of whether it was indeed the former minister, who is also the former Lamghabi Member of Parliament who was seen operating the system for the speakers on the day of the meeting. 
At one point, Ludzidzini Governor TV Mtetwa asked that the system be moved to the opposite side of where he had placed it and a compliant Dlamini literally ran to carry it, asking for assistance from people who were at the gathering. 
Contrary to the image that he portrayed while a cabinet minister, Dlamini was dressed in blue overall pants, a golf t-shirt and flops.  
However, Dlamini explained that he was dressed that way because he was from taking his cattle to the dip tank and he was simply helping out with the sound system.

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