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Abusive teacher finally charged

THE Florence Christian Academy Primary teacher alleged to have severely punished a female pupil (12) has finally been charged.
The teacher, summoned by Hluti Police this week, was formally charged with causing grievous bodily harm (GBH). It is said the teacher, when grilled at the police station, did admit having beaten the girl but gave no further details on the reason why.
It is said among other things he disputed was the number of lashes he administered to the pupil, saying it never exceeded 200 as suggested by the young girl. The teacher is said to have beaten the girl on the buttocks and all over the body.
It has been gathered that after the matter was carried by this newspaper, even the school authorities as well as the other teachers were left bemused as not a single one of them was aware of such brutality that occurred in their school.
“Teachers were only taken aback when they woke up on Monday morning to find screaming headlines about what occurred at their school. Some were shocked that it was one of their own who was accused of administering severe lashes on a Grade Five pupil,” said one of the school’s insiders.
Principal Moses Dlamini is said to have been always a busy man since the matter was unearthed as he had to attend to the police, relatives and other interested parties.
There are now rumours  that the ministry of education has become an interested party in the matter and it is believed a team might soon be sent to the school to find out what really transpired.
Further the teacher is not among those permanently employed as he has been working as a contracted teacher whose contract was being renewed yearly by government. It is said given what he had done, as someone on contract, there were likely to be ramifications on this type of action.
“Government is likely to consider whether it would be proper to renew a contract for someone involved in this kind of act,” said the source.
Other reports are that the teacher as much as he is a learned person does not hold the required credentials to be in the teaching profession.
Deputy Police Information and Communications Officer Inspector Phindile Vilakati confirmed that the teacher has since been formally charged.
She said police have taken up the matter and charges had since been preferred against the teacher. “It is true that there are now charges preferred against him and he will appear in court soon. He has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm (GBH),” said Inspector Vilakati.

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