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‘Abusive’ teacher attacked at Ndlalane Primary School

Drama unfolded at Ndlalane Primary School when a group of parents invaded a classroom and attacked a male teacher whom they accused of meting corporal punishment to their children. 

A verbal showdown between the teacher and the parents was witnessed at the school when the parents demanded answers from the teacher after he had punished some pupils for not cutting their hair.

The incident, which almost resulted in the exchange of blows, occurred in the early hours of yesterday and in full view of other teachers and pupils at the school.


The incident is said to have been sparked by the Grade 6 teacher who shaved all the pupils in his class using a pair of scissors just after the morning assembly. 

Information gathered is to the effect that the teacher had recently ordered all the pupils in his class to return to class yesterday with their heads shaved.

A large fraction of the pupils is said to have, however, returned from the weekend with their heads unshaved, much against their teacher’s instructions. 

The teacher, whose name is deliberately withheld, is said to have then conducted corporal punishment to the pupils and further shaved them.

According to a reliable source, some of the pupils then ran to their parents who were working on a building project within the school premises and reported the matter.

The pupils are said to have reported that they were being forced by their teacher to shave their hair.

The pupils also alleged that the teacher was abusive, saying that he would severely beat them for minor offences. 


The parents are said to have been infuriated by the fact that the teacher had already shaved their children without consulting with them.

The enraged parents are said to have then headed straight to the teacher’s classroom and demanded audience him.

Seeing that the parents were in an uncompromising mood, the teacher referred them to the principal’s office, something which is said to have worsened the situation. 

“The parents had the view that the teacher was disrespecting them when he referred them to the principal’s office while they wanted to talk with him,” said a source who witnessed the incident.  

“There was an exchange of heated words which almost resulted to blows as the parents demanded clarity from the teacher,” added the source.

When reached for comment, a senior teacher who is currently acting as a principal at the school, Sibongile Tsabedze, could neither confirm nor refute the reports.  

Tsabedze, however, mentioned that the administration would investigate the matter as it was brought to her attention that a teacher was involved in a verbal showdown with parents.


“Although the matter has not been formerly reported to the principal’s office as yet, the administration will launch an investigation to ascertain the details of what really happened,” she said.

Tsabedze further pleaded with this reporter not to publish the report, saying it would tarnish the school’s name.  She also pointed out that the misunderstanding between the teacher and the parents was sparked by a minor issue, which the teacher failed to handle properly.  

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