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Ingwenyama Cup; Akutsi Nya - TV Mtetwa


Acting Ludzidzini Governor Timothy Velabo Mtetwa has warned all critics of the Ingwenyama Cup that the matter is out of debate now that His Majesty the King has spoken.


He advised all those who had misgivings about the Ingwenyama Cup be it MPs, ministers or whosoever to hold their horses because the “lion has already roared on the matter”.

SMVAF forked out E9 million for the tournament to be spread over three years. Each season, the teams will compete for E3 million with the winner taking home E1.1 million.

The statement by Mtetwa comes after heavy criticism the Ingwenyama Cup has attracted from MPs who felt the money was too much for a football tournament given the drought ravaging the country.

This newspaper decided to seek traditional opinion and clarity is as far as the matter is concerned given that the King had launched the landmark tournament.

Mtetwa, who is otherwise known as the traditional prime minister, emphasised that it was wrong for people to publicly talk about what the King has already pronounced and set in motion.

Although he could not delve much on the matter since he was undergoing physiotherapy owing to the fact that he had been indisposed for some time over the past weeks, Mtetwa said since time immemorial it had been a traditional norm that no one speaks after the King had spoken.


He warned all critics to guard against being seen to be going against pronouncements made by the King.

Also sought for comment, was traditionalist and National Court President Ndumiso Dlamini who put it clear that he expected no one to taint what the king had blessed.

He said it was a known traditional or and cultural practice that once His Majesty had spoken, no one is expected to say a word against his.

“Kunjalo vele siSwati nemhambo, ngisho nangesilungu lombala, kwaze kwakhuluma Ingwenyama kute lomunye lophindze akhulume endzabeni,” (it is true Swazi and culture dictates that once the king has spoken, no one else is expected to say a word against his),” Dlamini said.


Former Motshane Member of Parliament Robert Magongo said the MPs should just shut up since what they did was tantamount to a criticising the King.

‘Kufana nekutsi sebahlaba Ingwenyama,” he said in an interview with our sister publication the Observer daily on Thursday. 

This week some Members of Parliament (MPs) told Minister for Finance Martin Gobizandla Dlamini that they were against the allocation of E9 million to the soccer tournament.

Speaking during the debate of the ministry of finance second quarter performance report, the MPs said it was shocking that a government parastatal would fork out so much money towards soccer when the very same organisation was failing to make payments to accident victims.

The MPs informed the minister that the money could have been used in many other areas instead of football. 


First to make his submission was Nkwene MP Sikhumbuzo Dlamini who said he was shocked to learn that the parastatal, which is under the finance ministry, had donated E9 million.

“They have a duty to compensate road accident victims and they further have to try and prevent these accidents. this money could have gone into fixing roads or something similar, not this,” he said. 

He recommended that the portfolio committee resolves that the minister goes back and sets aside the E9 million so that it be resolved how it could be spent.

Nkhaba MP Lucky Mabuza said he was also taken aback to hear that so much money had been pumped in by the parastatal into  football.  

“There is E9 million going to the games, yet claims are not paid out, this is very shocking,” Mabuza was quoted as having said in parliament. It was notable that most of the MPs who shot down the Ingwenyama Cup are former police officers. 


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