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SWAZI MTN slashes prices by up to 63%


In what may come as relief for MTN Swaziland Pay As You Go (PAYG) subscribers, prices on calls, short messaging services (SMS) and data have been slashed by up to 63 per cent, an advantage envisaged to be enjoyed a week from today.


Revealing the good news during a press conference yesterday, Head of Corporate Services Sibusiso Nhleko said the price reduction was as result of concerted efforts of reducing prices in the Swaziland market. He said the reduction came about due to the reduction of wholesale prices following negotiations between the Swaziland Communications Commission as well as the Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC).

He said the regulator invested in assuring wholesale pricing was reduced. He was echoed by the Chief Executive officer Ambrose Dlamini who said new players in the industry made it vibrant for the ordinary Swazi. Dlamini said the company was grateful for the support from their customers who have been with them since inception, 19 years ago. He said having had 20 years in the industry was a major milestone which called for structural changes due to the significance of the industry and its importance to society.


Revealing the new tariff structures, Chief Consumer Officer (CCO) Sam Shongwe said the price transformation was as a result of the mobile operator wanting to relate to their customers better and they were henceforth delivering the reductions through products which had been sitting on their test platforms. 

For a minimum 38 cents, per minute, PAYG users can purchase monthly voice bundles from the mobile operator whereas they can purchase 400 minutes of voice bundles worth E150 valid for a month. Shongwe said the widening of their voice bundle rates’ berth came as a result of their customers seeking value for their money.

Whereas the MTN Zone package, which is per second billing, will have its maximum tariff of E2.40 remain unchanged, Shongwe said the different discounts on the package will result in customers paying a minimum rate of E0.02 at times depending on the location and time of making the call. This reduction to two cents can be translated to a 50% price slash for consumers who are methodical about their calling.

He said other pricing packages, such as the standard call, will be reduced from E1.80 to E1.20 per minute. On the other hand, while all off peak calls are currently charged at 90cents per minute, he said they would be reduced to 60cents.

WOW rules internet access as 
standard bundles discontinued
Outside of the different saver packages, there will remain one standard way of obtaining data bundles going forward. 
CCO Sam Shongwe said the soon to be discontinued standard bundles continued to create challenges for Swazi MTN, resulting in high data rates contrary to their effort to drive effective rates down. 
He said they then saw the need to merge Standard and Wow Data bundles into one while transferring lower costing bundles to the latter. 
He revealed that users will still have the option of buying data for a day or to last a month, while using the WOW option. 
Data prices reduced by 13 per cent 
The standard pricing (out of bundle [OOB] rate) for data usage will be reduced to 99cents per megabyte, which MTN Swaziland says is at par with MTN South Africa and Cell C while lower than Vodacom OOB rate by 50%. 
Revealing the reduction of the price of data, Sam Shongwe said transformation was gradual as it started with the introduction of different test packages and hence they were now able to roll out the price transformation. He, however, relented that the company reduced prices on data bundles towards the end of last year and would not effect further changes. He therefore called on their customers to make use of the different packages which were suited for different demographics such as MTN Saver Combos which offer SMS, data and voice calls at discounted prices, MTN family and friends which enable a user to have four numbers called at drastically reduced rates regularly as well as other packages on offer. 

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