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CJ kicked out of disputed land

CHIEF Justice Bheki Maphalala has been ordered to vacate the land he is contesting with Princess Ngebeti.

This order has been made by one of the leaders of the Mnisi clan, Makhosemvelo Mnisi who is also known as Sihamla II by the Mnisi clan of Mantsholo. He is the first born son of the late Mhambi Mnisi. Coincidentally, he is the only person that Chief Justice Maphalala had said his views he would respect on the matter. 

It was after the CJ had made this statement that Makhosemvelo’s stand on the matter was sought by this newspaper.

The Mnisi clan has a leader who is regarded as ‘chief’ and any matter touching the Mnisis is referred to him for a solution. Makhosemvelo is currently the leader of the clan and has made his stance known regarding the matter involiving the princess who was married to his late father.

Princess Ngebeti and Maphalala are in a tug of war over land at Ngwabi. The land in question, which has also been developed, is said to belong to Mnisi who married the Princess. 

Makhosemvelo told this newspaper that the Mbangweni Umphakatsi should have not even debated the issue but should have advise Maphalala to vacate the land. He said one thing that should be considered was that the Princess was demanding what rightly belonged to her and her requesting Maphalala to leave was not a provocation to him in anyway.

“That’s her land and if she needs it back, anyone occupying it should do the honourable thing, which is to leave. There is no need even to debate this issue as it is simple and straight forward. Even though Mnisi (Mhambi) and Maphalala knew each other, probably through the services he (Maphalala) provided to him, I don’t think this issue should have reached this point. 

“This is a widow I am talking about and she wants what rightly belongs to her.

 Whatever dealings or agreement Maphalala had with the old man (Mhambi) Mnisi, let the Princess not be made to suffer,” said Makhosemvelo.

Makhosemvelo was also critical of how the Umphakatsi had made the Princess run from pillar to post, saying they were making a mockery of her when they should have made a decision; telling Maphalala to use the same gate he used when coming to the land.

“By making the Princess move up and down, I think the so called leadership of Mbangweni is showing no respect. They are forgetting that this is a widow who is demanding what is hers. The Umphakatsi elders should know that they have caused damage which could have been avoided,” he said. 

Makhosemvelo said there will be a time when they are going to regret the way they handled the issue. 

“Personally, I don’t think they even deserve to be in their positions. How can you allow someone to object to being evicted when ordered to do so by the rightful owner of the land?” questioned Makhosemvelo.

Makhosemvelo said he wondered as to why Maphalala needed him now as per claims that he was only prepared to talk to no one else.

“What he should know is that that land belongs to the Mnisis. The best thing for him is just to vacate from it. Leya ndzawo yeMamvulane,” he said.


‘CJ told me he was busy’

PRINCESS Ngebeti has contented that Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala refused to see her when she visited him at his workplace in Mbabane.

The Princess said as per advise by the Mbangweni Umphakatsi which told her to go and meet Maphalala in person over the issue of the land, she availed her time and visited him. 

“It was on Monday (last week) when I went there. I could not meet him as he instructed some of the employees that he had no time and I should just leave my contact (number). I did that hoping he was going to call me.

 He did not and today I am back here at the Umphakatsi,” said the Princess when found at the Mbangweni Umphakatsi—her fifth trip since she started pursuing the issue.

The Princess said she was however surprised to learn that the CJ three days later managed to entertain the delegation from Umphakatsi, something she said was amiss making her to conclude the he was avoiding her.

“On Thursday, we were told he had time to meet the Umphakatsi elders” she revealed.

Also confirming that they did visit the CJ last Thursday, headman of the Umphakatsi Peter Mamba said they managed to talk to him over the matter. He said the CJ told them that he was only going to have Makhosemvelo as the one he could talk to and not the Princess.

“It’s what he told us when we went to see him on Thursday last week.


 He also told us how he got to occupy the land and stated that it was way back in 1995 when he entered into an agreement with (Mhambi) Mnisi. The advice he said he got was that he should consider staying in the land lawfully by paying a cow.

 He told us that he presented the cow in 1997 and at that time the chief was Nguduza,” stated Mamba.

Efforts to get comment from the chief justice have proved futile, since Saturday. At times his mobile phone rang for a long time without being answered.

 A message was also left on a second number this reporter was given to contact him. However, the CJ did not reply. 


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