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Gashing wound found in Luciano Zavale’s head

RELATIVES of the late Luciano Reginaldo Zavale have claimed that they found a gashing wound at the back of the Mozambican’s head during the post-mortem conducted yesterday.

The procedure took place at the RFM Hospital, where pathologists from both Swaziland and Mozambique were present. 

The Mozambican pathologist arrived in the country on Wednesday afternoon and was ready for the operation by 9am yesterday. 

Mozambican High Commission to Swaziland Luis Adelino da Silva was also represent during the procedure. 

Members of the family were allowed into the mortuary; however, they couldn’t stay long as after a few minutes, they were seen coming out. Upon return, they alleged that Luciano had among other things, a wound at the back of his head.

Luciano’s brother Armando confirmed that they found a wound in the head. 

The post-mortem was initially scheduled for 1pm at Good Shepherd Hospital on Tuesday. 

However, it had to be postponed after the family demanded to have a pathologist from Mozambique present during the procedure. 

The post-mortem was eventually carried out yesterday in the presence of Mozambican pathologist and government pathologist, Dr Komma Reddy.

Police Assistant Information and Communications Officer Inspector Phindile Vilakati confirmed that the post-mortem was conducted yesterday. 

She, however, could not comment on the claims of a wound, saying what was seen with the eye could not be interpreted to mean anything. 

She said they did not have a report yet but would know once the report has been released.

Zavale died at the hands of police who were interrogating him after an alleged theft of a laptop last Friday in Manzini. 

His death sparked outrage among Mozambicans living in Swaziland and they toyi-toyi-ed to the police station, blocking streets and burning tyres.

Hunter Shongwe storms RFM Hospital
PRIVATE Investigator (PI) Hunter Shongwe caused a scene yesterday at the RFM Hospital when he demanded to enter the mortuary to view the body of Mozambican national Luciano Reginaldo Zavale.
Shongwe claimed to have been engaged by the Zavale family to conduct an investigation on the cause of death of the Mozambican. Unfortunately, police officers barred him from entering the mortuary, saying only close family and relatives were allowed in. 
He came armed with his camera, demanding to be present when the autopsy was carried out.
He said he wanted to be next to the doctors, who were conducting the autopsy so that he would be able to ask questions on what he suspected to be wounds. 
He said he also wanted to take pictures that would be available for the public since those taken by the police were not for public. 
He did not take kindly to being stopped by the police and was spitting fire.
“Why are the police blocking me from entering the mortuary if they are clean? 
“I expect the doctors to tell me that I am not qualified to be inside, not the police. The police kill a person, now they block me,” lamented Shongwe. 
He said his duty, as per the family’s request, was to work with the doctors. Speaking at the top of his voice, he made a few calls demanding to speak to National Commissioner of Police Isaac Magagula but was unsuccessful. 
“Why am I paying for my licence and taxes if I will not be recognised. 
“I am a private investigator in this country and I should be allowed to do my work,” fired Shongwe.
Police give Zavale’s family E2 000
THE Royal Swaziland Police (RSP) kept its promise and donated a coffin and E2 000 in cash to the Zavale family which they said was for ‘tea’ during the burial of Luciano Reginaldo Zavale.
The police had promised that they would meet the family half-way in terms of burial costs since Zavale died in their hands. 
He was reported to have died during an interrogation by the Manzini Police last Friday. 
His brother Armando said they were not happy with E2 000 given to them by the police. He said the family felt the money was too little.
“My father left home and has been in the country for about a week now. There is a family in Mozambique that needs food. We need to prepare for the funeral and E2 000 is just too little,” he said. 
He said they would go back to the Manzini regional offices to make their complaint about the money. 
He said they expected government to take full costs of the burial. The government had also promised a bus to ferry Swazis to Mozambique for the funeral, but Armando said no one was talking about that now. “Now they are only giving us a car to ferry the body and no one is talking about the bus,” he said. 
Police Assistant Information and Communications Officer Inspector Phindile Vilakati confirmed that police had fulfilled their promise of meeting the family half-way with the funeral costs. She said, however, she could not divulge how much has been forked out by the police service. 
Police ‘break-in’ at Zavale’s house
POLICE were yesterday reported to have broken into Zavale’s rented flat after they failed to get keys to his house.
His brother Armando said yesterday that police broke into the house as no one knew where the keys were. 
The house has been locked since Zavale died last week. He lived alone as his five children and wife live in Mozambique. 

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