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Expel all Asians, foreigners - Joseph

image expel them: Former Swaziland Building Society Managing Director Joseph Ndlangamandla.

The solution to this questionable Asian influx is to expel them and other foreigners out of the country.

The solution to this questionable Asian influx is to expel them and other foreigners out of the country.

This was said by former Swaziland Building Society Managing Director (MD) Joseph Ndlangamandla. 

He said this yesterday when he appeared before the committee that was tasked with the job of investigating the questionable influx of Asians into the country.

Ndlangamandla made it clear that he was making the submissions as an ordinary person and businessman. 

He was not representing any organisation. The former MD expressed a deep concern on the state of affairs in the country, as far as the Asian influx was concerned. 

He feared that future Swazis were going to find themselves not having options to do business because the Asians were a threat to the small economy of the country, hence they had to be moved.

He stated that it was not only the people referred to as Indians and Pakistanis that were a threat to Swaziland. The country had to be very careful of Chinese and other African nationals who were also a threat to the peace and security of the country. These people, according to Ndlangamandla, had to be stopped from entering the country altogether. 

He said the country should then deal with the ones already inside.

“We should revoke the permits from the ones that already have, whether they are authentic or not. We have a right to do that because the documents belong to the government, not individuals. We should do this with the view to strictly implement the laws and charge good money for these people to enter the country,” Ndlangamandla said.

Ndlangamandla said this should be done having in mind that the country was looking for tourists to boost its economy. 

This, in his view, was not the right way to attract tourists in the country. Tourists should be thoroughly screened before entering into the country and they must be made to pay a reasonable amount of money to stay here. 

He said in the United States of America (USA), tourists were made to pay good money before entering USA. If the tourists were very much willing to enter that country, they would pay.

The former MD said at some point in time, they were required to pay E4 000 to acquire a visa to go to America, and they paid because they wanted to go there.


‘Asians not helpful in anyway

The Asians that keep getting into the country in droves do not help in any way in terms of economic development.

Former Swaziland Building Society  MD Joseph Ndlangamandla said even if the Asians were to be driven out of the country, nothing would be lost. 

The Asians did not contribute anything and were not investors.  “You cannot tell me that people who buy and sell are investors. Swazis can do that without any problem,” he said. The Asians, Ndlangamandla said, did not rent many flats in the country, to boost the property industry.  They stayed in large numbers in rooms where three people should be staying. He said at Magevini, there was one group of 14 Asians that stayed in a room that was meant for three people.

He said those people could be renting many houses, but could not because they overcrowded one flat. 

The only thing that the Asians could buy, according to the former MD, was petrol because there was no way they could get it using other means.

He also called upon the  police to investigate the car dealership activity that the Asians were doing in Matsapha. He said there was a possibility that the Asians could be selling something illegal in the name of the cars that they appeared to be selling. He asked where drugs could be coming from in this country. He asked Swazis to be more proactive to root out such dangerous situations before their children could be in trouble.


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