The ‘dynamites come in small packages’ phrase is more true than it has ever been when ears listen to the pintsized DJ Master P’s phenomenal hip hop mixes.


Phinda Dlamini is his real name and unlike the average DJ, he mixes hip hop tunes and of late has started releasing his own singles featuring stars.

Coming from humble beginnings Master P is the second born of four boys and is also raising two of his own.

Even before getting deeper with the interview it is clear to note Master P is a family guy and wants nothing but the best for his family.

“My family is everything, I love them and that’s what keeps motivating me to work even harder, I want my family to live a better life,” he says.

Drawing back to the professional side, what makes the DJ stand out apart from his colleagues is the love our neighbouring country, Mozambique has for him.

He has caressed  Mozambicans by thrilling them with nothing more than Swazi music.

This year alone the DJ has played in Moz more than four times and that must be something especially because the Mozambican music industry looks too hard to meander through.

L&E wanted to know just about how the DJ got his big break in Mozambique and also his journey behind the decks this past nine years now.

“I started deejaying in 2008, I started playing at Tinkers where the stable I was under that time (Big Fun Entertainment) was based,” he says.

 It is undeniable that the entertainment industry has just started taking shape now. Master P is one of those that kept the passion strong when everything said ‘give up.’

They didn’t and today music and art lovers bask in the glory of jamming to purely Swazi talent.

As the interview gets deepened, he quickly pointed out “the nine years in the game hasn’t been a walk in the park, there has been some difficulties, sometimes I would have to deal with shady promoters and be taken for a ride, sometimes I would be ill-treated to a point where I would ask myself if things would really ever work, but the passion I have for what I’m doing is what kept me and still keeps me going,” he shares.

Clearly a fully loaded closet has been opened by the questions as the DJ continues “It gives me joy to say that in my nine years of deejaying I have managed to grow a following not just in the kingdom, but even in neighbouring countries. I have played in a number of big festivals and venues in and outside of Swaziland, which to me is a sign of growth as an artist.”

“Also being able to assemble a number of talented artists to feature on my songs really means a lot to me, as we speak I have three singles which have all been greatly received by the masses,” he relates.

Just last week he and his dear friend Mozaik were in Mozambique for yet another gig, which he thrilled in.

He says “the people in Mozambique really love Swazi music, Mozaik’s ‘Right on Time’ was like the theme song the whole time we were there, the DJ that played after me opened his set with Tigi which is a sign that Swazi music is winning that side and my mixes got a great reception.”

From a distance one would assume the DJ has run his race but he says he hasn’t finished just yet.

He feels there is more he needs to do, to make sure that those who come after their generation find a healthy industry.

The master in his own respect has spoken, by the way the name Master P according to its owner came after he killed a performance and a spectator thought it was splendid and so named him ‘Master’ “the P was then taken from my last name, ”he explains.

He is vying for the DJ of the Year category in the forthcoming SWAMA Awards.

L&E asked him why he chose to mix hip hop when the dominant genre was house music, he responded “I love hip hop, and I feel like its one of the neglected genres, I mean in Swaziland we have more than a hundred djs, but I can count hip hop djs with in one hand.”

He is a snazzy dresser, loves laughing
Apart from being a snazzy dresser, Master P takes good care if his thick black hair which he styles every now and then making him look younger.
Like every other Disc Jock, he won’t reveal his age and he laughs as he denies the public the chance to know how many years he has lived.
In most of the pictures Master P is seen in especially when he is with his friends whom he says he is very close to in the musical scene of the country, Mozaik, King Terry and DJ MBO. He is seen laughing out loud, with a smile that says ‘everything is ok.’
“I’m a happy child,” is his response when asked why the second best thing that he does is to laugh.
So what else does he get up to when he is not on stage, well “off stage, I just hang with friends and share ideas, I’m a reserved person so a number of people think I’m haughty, which is not the case, I’m actually a very nice and loving person,” he says.
DJs are known to be bad boys, in that they drink like fishes and change women like socks but single Master P is nothing like that. 
“I know about all the misconceptions about djs, its not always the case, I for one don’t drink nor pick up random girls from the club, but then some people will see you talking to someone and make their assumptions, well there’s no way you can avoid that,” he says.
The one big question that always stands out especially if the guy does not have a ring on his finger; ‘is there a woman who makes your heart skip a bit?
Funny enough for DJ his response is “Yes there is, but at the moment im not in a relationship with anyone.”
What is his ideal woman like then as he refuses to put a name to this woman who makes his heart go bananas?
“My ideal woman is a loving and caring woman, a woman with respect and dignity of course she must be beautiful and she must be God fearing.”
Anyone who thinks can fill up the space in Master Ps life ladies?  “I was involved in an accident last year, the accident was an eye opener that tomorrow is not guaranteed, so live everyday like it’s your last day. Im grateful for the fact that God gave me a second chance of life,” he advised.

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