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Meet Mr #Asikacedzi


They say behind a successful man is a strong woman; how about behind a successful singer is a passionate and hardworking manager?


It is the case with the country’s golden boy Sands. Behind him isn’t a strong woman but a fairly qualified Phila Koshini who carries his artist management duties with passion.

It cannot be a complete announcement of a stride Phila Koshini has made the afro soul sensation; Sands hit if the #Asikacedzi does not appear.

Ever since Sands’ first major interview and performance on South African territory, his manager has said nothing other than ‘Asikacedzi.’

Even after hitting Gold sales for the ‘Sands of Time’ album. Phila maintains they are not done yet. 

Worth noting before anything else is that indeed Sands is the first ever Swazi in history to have debuted his music videos on highlighted South African highly rated television stations and his single ‘tigi’ hit number one spot on highly rated charts too in and outside Mzansi.

The 34-year-old PhilaKwezwe Dlamini affectionately known as Phila Koshini believes an artist is only as good as the next gig and that is why he maintains #Asikacedzi.

Fathered by a telecommunications engineer, the ever so busy Phila Koshini is undoubtedly qualified for his artist management job; he holds a Diploma in electronics at Thekwini College, after completion he then enrolled at DIT for a Degree in Entertainment Technology where he majored in Stage Rigging and Design, Sound Engineering, Lighting Design and Deco.

As if those were not enough qualifications to prove his passion for the entertainment industry, Phila Koshini later enrolled at Boston Media house to do three Diplomas in Radio Engineering and Broadcast, Marketing and Web design.

To shut my wide open mouth marveling at his academic record he smiles and says “recently I was doing my Masters in Project Management and I plan to continue studying next year.”

#Asikacedzi indeed.

His career in entertainment kicked off many moons ago when he was still employed by Channel S for three years. “I found it pointless to hang around untrained in entertainment. So I chose Durban as my destination for education. From tertiary I then worked my way around entertainment scenes in South Africa.”

The painful fact that Swaziland did not offer Multimedia and Entertainment studies at the time so it only made sense when he told his parents he wanted to pursue his first qualifications in the heart of the Zulu kingdom, Durban.

Phila Koshini has been to countless exquisite places all thanks to his undying passion for entertainment.

His passion sparked from an early age. As a young boy he knew nothing more satisfying than entertainment. “I had always been doing something in either music or in entertainment. My friends and I put away money to record our first demo at SBIS .At that time I was 16 years of age. We unfortunately did not have guidance so we sort of fell off the music scene. The interest in engineering started when I was much younger fixing radios and knew my way around technology since my father is a telecommunications engineer himself. So it’s inevitable not to ask him who amongst the industry players has he met and made great business partners with.

To which he responds “goodness where do I start. I had the privilege of being groomed by the great Qhawe Mamba at Channel S. In South Africa, I have worked for SABC Ukhozi fm, Durban Youth Radio, Play House Theatre Company with which I toured with productions like Sarafina and Umoja the musical all over Africa. I then had a chance to work for EMI music and there I was given a chance to work on special project like Pharell Williams and Usher southern African tours. I have been blessed with the eagerness to learn and succeed. Now I head a Broadcast, Studio Production and Innovation division at the number one commercial radio station Gagasi fm in Durban. Phila also has friends and business acquaintances in the country. It is worth remembering that at some point in time last year, he did a show together with Lindelwa Mafa from SBIS 2. Lindelwa Mafa, very much known as Lindz is the very person that introduced Sands to Phila Koshini.

Phila Koshini says out of all the friendships he has made in the industry, not one surpasses the one with security guys at most radio stations. “Those guys get you in when people say it’s hard,” he laughs.


Meeting, Working with Sands


After a long search for an artist he could manage with no luck.

Lindelwa Mafa introduced Phila Koshini to Sands and as they say, the rest was history.

However, he states that at first he was reluctant because Sands hadn’t made the first move to approach him but someone else did it on his behalf but since business isn’t business without risk taking.  He took that first risk and at the time the popular song was ‘Vuma’.

“Well its simple I have a multimedia company in South Africa which does music as one of the services. We agreed that we would work together and I would introduce him to the South African market and manage him from start to end. So I see it as an empowerment deal more than anything, my wish is to show Swazi artists and managers that it is very much possible to achieve the best  in the industry. So far we are doing a great job. We have broken every record there is and we are now gunning for awards locally and internationally.”

What more could there be as Phila Koshini and his team function under the slogan ‘Asikacedzi’ when from another view it seems they are good to rest?

It’s unfortunate because he (Phila) isn’t willing to reveal all the work rolled up their sleeves. 

He says its best to play their cards close to their chests but Swaziland must keep watch on Idols SA and Rhythm City and what will be called ‘The Great Homecoming Event’ sometime soon in Swaziland. Phila and Icon PB Music are determined to give birth to what the name of the company starts with ‘Icons.’

He elaborates on the company, “Icon PB Music is a multimedia company based in Durban that has 4 main divisions under it which are; Events production, talent management, brand positioning and radio broadcast facilities. We are fully digital and believe in empowering the youth. Most importantly we started the company to prove that anything is possible. The icon stands for the history we intend to make. Icons in our own rights.”

Phila’s concluding words are “every time Sands and his band perform they just light me up man. The band is a group of special individuals who are both talented and disciplined .I can’t think of any in particular.”


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