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Bridal Gowns; Nonis Events


Everybody knows that a wedding ceremony is not complete without a wedding gown. Most often than not, when guests attend a wedding they are mostly interested on how the bride, bridal party is dressed, the décor and the food.


 So,when you have these three on spot, you are sure to get compliments. It is therefore important for a bride to look fabulous during her wedding day.

This week SCENE shows a bridal expo and the gowns worn by the models are from Nonis Events, Swanks Bride, and Groom and Lifestyle Emporium who will also be parading their gowns next week Saturday. 

Owner of Nonis events, Nonhlanhla Dlamini,buys her already made wedding gowns from China.

 Most of the time she just picks what appeals to her desire and at times she has requests from brides to be. “If a bride to be has a gown of her choice,she can send me a pictureor that particular design and then have it made specifically for her.

 If you have your own design, we place an order and it takes a maximum of one month to have it delivered.Our turn-around time is one month. In either case you can buy or rent it out, it’s your call. We are just at your service. I normally find out what my client likes and then help them choose along the line of their choice. 

My joy lies in making the client happy at all costs. Fitting is strictly by appointment; and when you come for a fitting,it is compulsory to come with at least one person to help you decide on whatever choice you will end up with,” she says. 

Nonis’ gowns are never altered to suite the bride who is getting married. It is either it fits or the bride has to look for something her size. “Our gowns are not altered no matter how much you like it, you have to either fit in or forget about it, and that’s the unfortunate part” she emphasised.

“For the brides who have slim bodies it is usually easy to get what they like; though if they are too slim, mermaids are usually not a good idea because a mermaid has to do a body hug and show the curves.

 Because I do not adjust my gowns, if there are no curves it becomes difficult to fit in unless you make your own gown from scratch. For the fully figured,again it depends on the choice of the bride. But if you have a big tummy and handles, a mermaid is usually not good as the tummy will show.

 However, if you have a flat tummy with curves in the right places, you can go for it as it would make you look slim while a ball-gown will exaggerate your weight. That’s why a bride is always given the right kind of advice before they make that final decision about the kind of gown they will choose for their big day.”

Rent or Buy
A wedding gown means different things to different brides. To some it’s about that special day only, and to some it goes beyond the day. 
To some it’s a legacy in the family, like a souvenir. Some want to keep their gowns either for fond memories or for their children or grandchildren.  “Personally, l feel keeping a gown is a waste of time and money. 
You are not going to appear in your wedding gown in any event unless it is your anniversary ceremony. By that time chances that your body size would have changed because of age or giving birth. If you decide to leave it for your children, chances are by the time they get married it would not be the best gown;even if it was back then during your wedding.
  That is why I believe in renting a gown as compared to keeping it. However, whatever the client says, I have no problem with a bride wanting a new gown of her own choice,but keeping it does not seem a good idea and neither is putting a good use of your money.
 Brides usually add or lose weight, but I prefer a bride who sticks to the five Ps; Proper, Prior, Planning to Prevent Panic and Poor Performance,” she advised.  “However, whatever she may decide, she is the bride and has the right to choose whatever she wants. I’m just advising more and offering my services with a smile” she emphasised.

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